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Debate at church emphasizes forgiveness

By Deja Carter LOL (Living Out Loud), a youth ministry at Praise Fellowship Christian Church, had a debate or discussion on Sunday, April 2, on whether to not be mean to people when they were mean [...]

Seniors Should Have the Privilege of Off Campus Lunch

Fauzia Begum Ever since I have been attending Oakland High School since my freshman year and the years before me, off-campus lunch has been prohibited. As a new school year would pass by me, I did [...]

Students Late to Class

Precious Time Wasted By Victoria Truong Tardies in the morning during first period are often made by the same regular students and is a habit that needs to be changed. Personally, I am one of these students [...]

Leave litter alone no longer

By Chris La OAKLAND ‒ You can’t walk more than ten feet at Oakland High without seeing some piece of trash on the ground, whether it be a wrapper, a worksheet, or some dropped food. The increasing [...]

OUSD Graduation Rates Too Low

By Bryant La When I first set out to write this op-ed, I asked myself, “What’s the most depressing issue I can possibly cover?” For lack of any good puppy orphanages burning down recently, I decided [...]

Weird? Delicious!

Weird? Delicious!

By Shihua Liu O-High students discuss unfamiliar foods Oakland High school is a public school that gathers many different races. With the large amount of different races in OHS, don’t you ever wonder what kind of [...]

Culture and Cuisine at OMCA

Culture and Cuisine at OMCA

By Allison Truong Friday nights at home can be a relaxing, comforting time for most people. But a greater way to spend your Friday night can be going to the Oakland Museum! Every Friday night from [...]

Funny “Blart” also has a heart

Funny “Blart” also has a heart

By Shihua Liu If you are bored and you want to watch a funny movie that‘s worth watching, I recommend the action comedy Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2, which is in the theaters now. The main [...]

Students Need More Time For Lunch

By Raven Gann Busy Oakland High students scramble to get their lunch on campus but that’s all they do. Students do not have the proper amount of time to be able to get and eat their [...]

Vaccine Bill Will Boot Health

By: Raven Gann After the measles outbreak at the “happiest place on earth”, Disneyland, California State Senator and pediatrician Richard Pan is demanding a bill to be passed that requires parents to vaccinate their children. If [...]