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Until We Meet Again

By:Dominique Dyer A Senior’s Farewell to OHS It’s been a long time coming. We’ve been through so much to get to this very moment. As the year comes to a close and we begin to reflect [...]

Students Steal Stuff

By:Dominique Dyer Oakland High school was forced into an emergency lockdown May 13, 2013. Staff and students were told to remain inside of class and teachers to lock their doors until further instructions were given. No [...]

Boys Volleyball Wins One

By: Yoshi Rodriguez-Takada After a difficult season, the 2013 Oakland High Men’s Volleyball team finally picked up their first and only win.  Although the season only consisted of four games, the team put in 4 months [...]

Runners Reflect on the Year

By: Yoshi Rodriguez-Takada As the season ends in a strong finish, Oakland High School’s Track and Field team competed in the OAL finals for one last race at Skyline High School on May 21. With a [...]

Teenage Rape Is Trending

Ma’Lisa Walker Audrie Pott, a 15-year-old girl from Saratoga, Calif., was sexually assaulted last September. Pott committed suicide eight days after the assault, after pictures of the assault were put online. On Sept. 2, 2012, Pott [...]


By Malea Jones Ladies, have you ever wondered why your men do the things they do; why do they cheat, lie, avoid phones calls and spend more time with their friends than with you? After speaking [...]

Students’ sightless stroll

Students’ sightless stroll

Students walk blindfolded for science lesson Javier Lenida In early April, Physiology teacher Suzanne LeBaron blindfolded her students and took them outside to practice relying on their senses of smell, touch, and hearing instead of seeing. [...]

A “Call” worth answering

by Elijah Williams One of the new hot movies that’s out and that everybody is seeing and wants to see is “The Call.” This movie, starring Halle Berry, is quite the suspenseful thriller with twists you [...]

Students fill head with pi

by Elijah Williams This year at Oakland High School, Pi Day was very large and celebrated. What is Pi Day you ask? Pi Day is on March 14, because March the is third month, which makes [...]

Are teachers following the rules?

 by Elijah Williams Students have been complaining about teachers, but not like the usual, “OMG, Mr. Bleh is so annoying!” Far more serious Students are saying that teachers are using profanity towards them and are sending [...]