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F.A.M.E. after shame

Chris Brown moves forward with a new album Leeosha Nelson Chris Brown’s new album, F.A.M.E., was released on Mar. 21. Brown dedicated the album to his fans, saying that the name has two meanings: Fans Are [...]

Rolling in charm

Wiz Khalifa delights with personality and with music Gerquetta Jackson Wiz Khalifa is winning fans across the country with his gorgeous smile and his fantastic ability of rapping. He’s also winning the hearts of many women [...]

Mr. Danning to take a break

History teacher plans to study overseas Tommy Tran AP World History teacher Gordon Danning is leaving Oakland High School for one year to study in London, England . He is going to attend the London School [...]

EBAYC treats students

David Chor Students walking past TC-2 at lunch Thursday, April 28 were greeted by the tantalizing aroma of roasting hot dogs and nachos. The East Bay Asian Youth Center (EBAYC) was hosting an event where students [...]

No whooping for Wildcats

New laws require pertussis vaccination David Chor Starting this fall, state law will require that students must be vaccinated for whooping cough (officially known as pertussis) in order to register for school. Whooping cough is a [...]

Cell phone battles continue

Angela Quan Guest Writer For the past few years, a few cell phones have been most popular when compared with the rest. Two phones that were in that category were the famous T-Mobile Sidekick and the [...]

Water a sham

“Healthy” drink loaded with sugar Steven Phan Vitamin Water is an artificially enhanced flavored water with vitamins. Many versions of the drink include sugar, but students still consume these beverages thinking they’re healthy. Every day, many [...]

Clean it. Mean it. Green it.

Michelle Mai Guest Writer The idea of “Going Green” originated in the 1800s, but has become an especially popular idea among people around the world in the last decade because of concerns about global warming, which [...]

Bad food is bad

Eva Xu Guest Writer Due to severe budget cuts in Oakland, the food served at Oakland High school has been criticized as ‘unhealthy.’ Since the school year started, the school’s lunches have gotten unhealthier and greasier. [...]

RoboCop lives!

Citizen funding makes tribute statue a reality Tommy Tran After initial disagreements, the city of Detroit is going to actually build a statue commemorating RoboCop. A fundraiser program called Kickstarter helped raise about $50,000 to help [...]