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Softball Ambition

Brittaney Gandy The 2010 girls’ softball team has been working hard during practice on the OHS field. The team has been preparing for the spring by getting into shape with stretching, running, and review of plays [...]

Strong Women, Strong Society

Cierra Frazier There have been a lot of women in our history who have made a difference but get little recognition for it. March is the month for women’s history and this is the month when [...]

Heart of our Faculty

By:Lisa Lac, Sports Editor Despite the ongoing construction, untidiness and low pay, faculty choose to work and stay at Oakland High because of the collegial atmosphere and their love to help students. According to, O-High [...]

Big Day For Football

By: Jabari Oakland high school athletes received college scholarships to division 1 & 2 schools for football. 4 football players received scholarships this year. Dave Douglas received one from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, Damante Horton [...]

txt u l8r

By Onisha Barham Most Oakland High Students who drive are aware of the law against texting while driving. The new Wireless Communications Device Law makes it an infraction to write, send, or read text-based communication on [...]

Knowledge Is Power

By: Judy Lam, Commentary Editor Do you know what AIDS is? Do you know how it’s transmitted? Have you been sexually active with a partner and could you possibly be at a risk? Word gets out [...]

School Closing Early

Aegis Staff The issue: Closed campus leaves students in the cold Our recommendation: Increased security and an open school A school is clearly supposed to be a place where students can get extra help, work together [...]

Cutting School Is A Mass Problem

By:Ellen Poon OHS students frequently cut class because they don’t want to come to class; they leave the school campus and will go anywhere but school. Some students say they cut because their class is boring. [...]

VAAMP Cracks Down On Tardies

By: Joanne Lee-Yuen, Photo Editor VAAMP administrators created a new rule emphasizing that if students are tardy, they will sit in detention. This was made because a lot of students were getting to class late. “The [...]


BY Judy Lam, Commentary Editor Having trouble doing homework? Having trouble getting grades you want? Then EBAYC after School Tutoring may be the answer for you. The tutoring program is run by Rany Ath, 25, who [...]