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O-High Music Axed!

Will our school be the same without a music program? Phuong (Thao) Tran After 35 years of teaching, six of them at Oakland High School, Sharon Manuel is finally laying down her conductor’s baton next year. [...]

A Booming Military Ball

Joanne Lee-Yuen On March 19, Oakland High, Skyline, Fremont, and Castlemont’s ROTC students had their annual military ball at Elks Lodge in Alameda from 7 pm to 11 pm. It was a Masquerade ball featuring a [...]

Barney’s? Dave’s? Scouring Piedmont Ave. for the best burger

Miles Gordon Barney’s Gourmet Burger at 4162 Piedmont Ave. is famous for their exceptional burgers and one of a kind curly fries. I have been to many Barney’s locations, and this is my particular favorite one [...]

VAAMP Showcases Talent

Dave Douglas The VAAMP students pleased the O-High student body by showing off their talents at the showcase the morning of March 25 inside the school theater. The event gives  VAAMP students who have completed the [...]

Bathroom Lockages Less Convenient

Susanna Zhang Oakland High School has started to lock the smelly and unsanitary bathrooms during class time and after school. The restrooms are not being cleaned during this time; the administration says that it locks the [...]

Anger, Sorrow at Music Cuts

Cindy Zhong Longtime Oakland music teacher Sharon Manuel will be retiring since the music program is going to be cut. According to principal Alicia Romero, the music program is being cut due to the budget cuts. [...]

Goodbye warm clothes, hello dress codes!

Nina Zhang When you enter the doors of Oakland High School and walk into the hallways, you can be sure to see a diverse set of students sporting a variety of attire, from the current spring [...]

Princess Project: Making Dreams Real

Annie Saechao Princess Project makes dreams real for over three thousand girls every spring. Princess Project gives away free prom dresses for girls in the East Bay, San Francisco, and other locations. “It was very nice,” [...]

March Four-ward

Aegis Staff On Thursday, March 4, Oakland High students and staff joined with others throughout the state to protest cuts to education funding. At 7:30 a.m., members of the O-High community marched and picketed in front [...]

Making History

February is Black History Month—a time to reflect upon and appreciate the many roles of African Americans in American history. This school year, the Oakland high VAAMP students have put on display paintings of African American [...]