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2019-2020 Slider Student Life — 04 February 2020
Students Return from Break

By Brianna Williams

As school picks back up, and everyone returns from winter break, OHS’s second semester is up and running. Students and staff return to their previous routine of waking up early and heading down to campus, some finishing their first year and others finishing their last. There are a lot of mixed emotions as people return to finish the last semester of the year. 

Each semester has three marking periods with five to seven weeks in each.To some, the second semester is a new start, a time to reflect on what they learned in the first semester and improve before the end of the year.

“I learned a lot from the first semester,” said Puma and PLTW English teacher Amy Benner. “I’m able to apply everything I learned from my first semester here to the second semester. Now I have access to resources that I didn’t have before.”

Members of the Wildcat family aren’t the only ones returning to their usual routine after this break. People all across the bay are returning to their jobs and careers, going back to the daily rise and grind. This is the second year that Oakland high schools have started a second semester on the day we return from break.  

The last day of the first week back, on Friday Jan. 10, students and staff had time to get back into the swing of things and reflect on how this first week went. Some were happy to be back and others… not so much.

“I hate this school, it’s like we didn’t even have a break,” said Tiger freshman Shania Medrano. “We came back and were right where we left off in first semester.”

Some students at OHS feel like this second semester is just continued trauma from the first semester they just came out of. 

“I’m nervous but I’m going to push harder this semester,” said Donye Holden, freshman Panther. 

This transition back applies not only to students but to the staff as well. Everyone is starting over. 

“It feels great to be back!” said VAAMP and Cheetah councilor Ziada Keflezghi in the first week back from break. “This has been a week of adjustment for everyone.” 

“Students are still trying to get back into the groove of things,” said Coach Jayce Goree. “They are excited to see their friends and people they missed.”

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