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2019-2020 Student Life — 04 February 2020
Finals Week Tested Students Knowledge

By Jalyn Jefferson

As last semester’s finals came, Oakland High students were trying to get the grade they were hoping for, to meet their teachers grading expectations while also getting in as much missing work in as they could.

Finals have been happening since the late 19th century, when they were first created by Henry Fischel, who was a professor of Near Eastern languages and cultures at Indiana University. Finals can be very good for transcripts for the Oakland High students so they can get a scholarship to get into a good college. Also, they help teachers see if the students learned anything to test their knowledge.

VAAMP and Cheetah counselor Ziada Keflezghi said that she is “Anxious for the kids [who are] on the border to pass their classes.” 

All of the Oakland high schools have finals the same week, so most of the community have the same feelings for their finals they have to complete. Teachers have a range of different grading process.

English teachers Amy Benner and Lara Trale have two different grading process. Benner grades upon effort and completion, while Trale grades upon completion, quality, and timeliness.

“I wouldn’t say I was stressed,” LSJ senior Karem Yanez said about final exams. “But I wouldn’t say I was chillin’ either.”

Finals week wasn’t as easy as people think because of the fact that your reviewing what you learned for the past five months.You have to be dedicated on trying to get the grade you think that you deserve. You can’t just expect to get the best grade without tying to put the effort in.

“The biggest issue is the students not being in class,” said PLTW and Pumas teacher Benner. “Students who attend class regularly and checked in with me did well.”

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