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2019-2020 Slider Student Life — 04 February 2020
Breakfast is super important for students

By Christina Jim & Julie Fehilly

Eating is an important part of life because food is one of the main necessities that humans need in order to live. At Oakland High, breakfast is free in the morning for students when they come to school because students might not have access to food at home or they didn ̈t have time to eat. 

According to the website of Rush University Medical Center, studies have shown that when you eat breakfast you’re telling your body that there are plenty of calories to be had during the day. This means that, when you skip breakfast, the message that your body gets is that it needs to conserve rather than burn any incoming calories. 

Some effects of not eating breakfast are drops in blood sugar levels, a slower metabolism, an increase in stress, and it can be very hard to focus in school or your job if you are hungry, according to Stylecraze Magazine. 

The most harmful effect is an increased chance of cancer. Every time you skip breakfast, you become hungry throughout the morning, which causes you to overeat. You could get very sick and you can suffer from hair loss from skipping breakfast, according to Reader’s Digest. 

“You need to put something nutritious in your stomach for your day,” said Sally Jeon, the Asian Health Services Wildcat Clinic Manager from the Wellness Center. “It’s very important.”

“Yes, it is important to eat in the morning because I get mad and I have no energy in the morning,” said case manager Karina Castillo. “Plus I get super hungry.”   

We understand that some people don’t have time in the morning. Many people have to leave early because they live very far from the school. Here are some tips for some quick or easy-to-carry morning breakfast ideas: 

  • Tip One: Breakfast Bowls  
  • Tip Two: Eggs 
  • Tip Three: Pop tarts (only if you’re really in a hurry)
  • Tip Four: Granola Bars  
  • Tip Five: Peanut and Jelly sandwich 
  • Tip Six: Yogurt and Fruit 
  • These are some tips that we hope are useful for you whenever you are in a rush to get out of the house to prepare anything before school. 

Eat breakfast every day so you can focus throughout your day!


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