2019-2020 Commentary Slider — 24 January 2020
Students plan to vote in upcoming elections

By Randy Saechao 

On Tuesday, Nov. 19, at Oakland High, there was a table in the commons where students 16 and up were able to pre-register for voting. 

So why do we vote? Voting allows you to change the future whether you vote for something worldwide, or locally. For example, you can vote for presidential elections, city policies, and school races.

“Voting offers us a chance to change what happens in our lives,” said ESA junior Abraham Bowah.

Bowah’s classmate David Deng added, “Voting gives us the option to make our own decisions.”

According to the United States Census Bureau, in 2018, only 35.6% eligible Americans from ages 18-29 voted during midterm elections–the elections that happen halfway through a president’s term. Most votes that come in come from voters ages 45 and up. People ages 18-29 have the lowest percentage of votes. 

However, some young people say that the Trump presidency is inspiring themselves to vote due to their dislike of Trump’s decisions in office. 

“I do plan on voting due to the reason that every single vote matters,” says Cesar ParraMendoza, an ESA junior. “̈The type of person that has been voted last election targeted my family, and I wouldn’t ́t want another person like that to be president again.”

According to the LA Times, a new law means that Californians will now be able to register to vote or change their party registration on election day in March and November 2020 at any local polling place.

Before this law was created, voters had to register to vote at least 15 days before election day.


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