2019-2020 Commentary — 03 December 2019
Is O-High too dependent on wifi?

Christina Jim & Julie Fehilly

 This school year, Oakland High School has been dealing with a lot of internet shutdowns, causing teacher lesson plans to be canceled and delaying students’ their assignments and projects. We have seen this happen on multiple occasions during the last two marking periods of the first semester that we have seen this happen. It raises the question, is O-High too dependent on wifi?

O-High students do a lot of their work online such as in Google Classroom and Google Docs. When the wifi goes down, it’s unexpected, so teachers often don’t have a backup lesson plan or activity so teachers have to find something else to do on the fly. Teachers aren’t the only ones affected but students as well. As students, we have to do most of our work on the computer because we rarely receive worksheets from our teaches besides math and our electives. Our essays, projects, and sometimes tests are examples of the kind of work we have to do mostly online instead of it being on poster paper or papers because we adapting to the modern world that relies too much on the internet.   

The internet is a great tool for learning something new and some people think that if there is no internet then you really can’t explore anything new. This isn’t the case at all because there are places that you can go to find the information that you need. One of the places that you can go to the library. This is one of the places where students can go to find information for research. But Oakland High’s library is outdated and not maintained, so we have to go outside of school to find research. 

Throughout O-High, students use computers daily to check their grades or to complete work for their classes. Students also use the wifi at school to apply for college or internships that they want. Teachers and staff use their computers at school for educational purposes like when they need to make lesson plans, they need to print things out for the school day, or they need to send emails to their staff or students. But if the wifi shuts down, then we can’t do all the things that need to be done. This causes a lot of work or emails to be pushed back due to there being no internet connection. 

O-High teachers need to make lessons plans that are not always on the internet so it doesn’t slow students down. The tech staff needs to make sure that the internet doesn’t shut down so students don’t have to catch up on any more work.  


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