2019-2020 Slider Student Life — 10 December 2019
ESA Collects Clothes for People in Need

By Randy Saechao

Oakland High ESA juniors held a clothes drive for people who are homeless from Oct. 15 – Oct. 25. All the clothes being collected from the drive will go to St. Vincent de Paul to provide for homeless people. According to their website, St. Vincent de Paul is an organization “dedicated to feeding, clothing, housing and healing individuals and families in our community who have nowhere else to turn for help.”

This drive was part of a class activism project that ESA English teacher Christopher Johnston started. 

St Vincent De Paul Logo

St Vincent De Paul Logo

“It’s a wonderful thing that us O-High students are doing this,” said ESA junior Britney Saechao. “We are doing it for a good cause. It’s better for us to donate our clothes/shoes that we don’t fit anymore to other people who actually need the clothes.” 

Homelessness has been a huge problem in Oakland, and all around the Bay Area for a long time. According to an April article in the New York Times, there are roughly 28,200 people that are homeless across the Bay Area. This drive will be able to help many people who don’t have the common needs like clothes. 

With other choices like a food drive they could have picked, the class decided to pick a clothing drive. Why? you might ask.

“It’s important that we are providing clothes to people who need them the most,” said another ESA junior, Chris Medina.  “We chose clothes because clothes can last for a long while, unlike food.”

“We don’t know the exact amount but we can estimate around 15 large trash bags full of clothes,” said Johnston. All the clothes will be donated to people in need at St. Vincent de Paul.

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