2019-2020 News Slider — 10 December 2019
Communication With Coffee

Coffee Cart continues to serve up life skills practice

By Aileen Soria

Ms. Comille Alexander selling coffee in the commons on Dec 6. Taken by Elisha Sparks.

Ms. Comille Alexander selling coffee in the commons on Dec 6. Taken by Elisha Sparks.

The two Communication and Life Skills Classrooms, Rooms 234 and 235, run the coffee cart for Oakland High School. They provide snacks and coffee or tea to teachers and staff who want to buy them.

Teachers can place an order by email or in-person. The coffee cart is done 1st and 2st period.

I interviewed Jen Kupper, a speech therapist, and Jeeva John, a Special Education teacher.

“We go to sell coffee in the Main Building, Wellness Center, Learning Center, and Wong building,” said Kupper. “We sell coffee, tea, and snacks.”

“The coffee cart is done because it helps students learn jobs and money skills,” said John. “Students learn new skills like communication with new people. Special education students are visible in the school community.”

Students from the Communication and Life Skills classrooms take turns and switch off participating with the coffee cart. Student Anzani Fasce said, “I pushed the coffee cart.” Fasce is a freshman and does not communicate using verbal speech because of a disability. Fasce uses a communication device to type out messages. He participates in coffee cart one time a week. His instructional support assistant said that the routine helps not only him, but the other students, learn routines and job skills.

Students learn job skills by asking staff what they would like to purchase, managing money and giving correct change, pouring coffee, and following a route with the cart to make sure that everyone who would like to place an order is included.

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