2019-2020 Arts Slider — 10 December 2019
Public Art Celebrates O-High Culture

By Jalyn Jefferson & Brianna Williams

Mural for ESA Academy in the Patterson Building. Brianna Williams/The Aegis

Mural for ESA Academy in the Patterson Building. Brianna Williams/The Aegis

When you look around Oakland High, one thing you can’t help but notice is the art and murals placed around the school. The art brings a twist to our school that allows students who created the pieces to express themselves.  Some of the art is required as senior projects and some are there from past students who wanted to leave their mark for the incoming students. 

The murals have been at OHS for decades. According to VAAMP English teacher Jenny Clark, we have everything from murals made from pieces of tile or to spray paint graffiti, letting students express their creativity in different forms of art. 

Some students really enjoy the murals and others have mixed opinions. “I see lots of murals around the school,” said VAAMP sophomore Kailani Lumaquin. “I think they look really nice but sometimes I don’t get the story or vision behind the pieces.”

On the other hand VAAMP sophomore Sandro Ramirez said, “When I walk around the school and see the murals it makes me feel happy to see the work created by my other VAAMP classmates. I enjoy them because they have respect for everyone’s art style and they brighten up the community by having a message in each project.” 

Recently there are murals being placed on Park Boulevard by our very own Steve Bronson, who has been teaching art at OHS for 11 years and makes tons of amazing pieces not just at school but in the community. 

“It’s refreshment from life and just an all time refreshment,” said Bronson. 

Lumaquin feels that the art has a positive impact on our community and emotion or opinions can be shared through these pieces. It brings the community closer by allowing people to reflect and converse between each other.


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