2019-2020 Arts — 18 October 2019
“In the Heights” comes to O-High!


Julie Fehilly & Christina Jim



In the spring of 2020, students at O-High will be performing in the play “In The Heights” which lots of students from many different grade levels auditioned throughout September. 

The auditions concluded in late September, led by the play director, Chris Johnston, who is an ESA and Jaguars English teacher. The performance dates have yet to be determined, but will happen during the spring in the second semester. 

“I’m excited, but I was a little nervous to audition because it’s my first play this school year,” said Maria Tafoya, is a junior in ESA, who auditioned in the play this year. 

The play “In The Heights”, is set over the course of three days, involving characters in the largely Hispanic-American neighborhood of Washington Heights in New York City. The genre of the musical is hip-hop involving people of different backgrounds  but “Hairspray,” last year’s play, was more lively with blues music.  

“Oakland High has not had any plays in the last couple of years until recently with the production of ‘Hairspray’ last year,” said Johnston. 

School plays are important give students an opportunity to be themselves outside the classroom, said India Miller Morton, a sophomore in ESA. School plays are a way to be in a different character’s point of view and understand how different their world is. 

Johnston hopes that many more people will continue to audition for future upcoming plays because he loves the passion that the students bring when they are able to express themselves through singing and acting.



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