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If You Love Anime, Then This Club Is For You!
Anime Club at O-HIgh is one of the few clubs where you can sit and watch anime during lunch. A lot of students enjoy watching anime because It is entertaining and cool. Anime Club members meet during lunch every day in VAAMP and Cheetah math teacher Keith Wong’s room. 

People might not know about Anime Club because they have other things that they are interested in or they have other club meetings to attend. Most people may have never heard of anime club because it’s rarely mentioned during the announcements and there are not enough posters for people to see, said Vivian Phan. 

“If you like anime then join!” said Phan, a VAAMP sophomore who has been in Anime Club since last year. “We watch anime and have fun.”

Anime Club welcomes anyone even if they don’t watch anime, said Nancy Nguyen who is president of the Anime Club. Any student can come in and hang out with their friends. They watch different amine every two weeks.

Anime club goes on a lot of trips. For example, they go on anime trips to places like Carrier Con which was a convention in an aircraft in the Bay Area. The cost of these trips can range from $10 to $100. Members of Anime Club go to places like the Shooting Star Cafe in downtown Oakland or in Alameda. 

The purpose of Anime Club is to have a place where people who share the love for Anime and hang out with their friends. Students who like anime a lot and don’t want to wait until they get home to watch anime can go to watch anime and meet new people. Anime Club meetings are every day during lunch in Wong’s room, 207.


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