2019-2020 Student Life — 25 October 2019
Homecoming Royalty

By Maribel Bibiano

At Oakland High School, students ran for homecoming royalty during the beginning of October 2019 for the 2019-2020 school year. A variety of students from every grade level decided to run for homecoming royalty to represent their class. Winners were announced October 17. 

For the first two weeks of October, the students prepared themselves and spread the word with social media posts and posters that were posted throughout the school. These students are also now representing their class and grade level in which they are in. 

“I decided to run for homecoming royalty because I thought it would be a cool and fun experience,” said VAAMP sophomore Erick Bibiano, who won a homecoming royalty position. “Knowing I can represent my class of 2022 made it even more exciting.” 

Bibiano won’t be alone to represent his class of 2022; he will be accompanied by ESA sophomore Le’lani Walker. 

“Winning didn’t come as a surprise because I already had a winner’s mindset,” said Walker. “In my mind, there was no losing for me.”

Homecoming royalty winners were shown off during Oakland High’s rally which took place October 25. The royalty for each grade level wore their class color in front of the whole school. 

These students said they will now become role models. They now will represent their grade level and the school for the rest of the 2019-2020 school year. Some of the Homecoming royalty runners also run to make memories, which they can look back at once they graduate and are out of highschool. 

“I decided to run for hoco royalty to show school spirit and make my mark in sophomore year,” said Walker. 

“I feel happy that I won,” said Bibiano. “I can look back on this experience when I’m older.”

Many Oakland High students were happy to celebrate as one and officially kick off 2019-2020 with amazing students representing every class and all together representing the whole school.

“I’m looking forward to seeing the class of 2022 really show school spirit,” said Bibiano. “And to show why we’re the best class.” 

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