2019-2020 Sports — 25 October 2019
Cheer Team

By Elisha Sparks 

Ever wonder what it’s like to be a high school cheerleader? What  their schedule is like and how they manage both school and a sport at the same time? 

“I like cheering,” said sophomore Brooklyn Brooks, an O-High varsity cheerleader. “It can be hard to juggle with school but I always find a way.” Brooks said, “It’s a sport that takes a lot of effort and has its ups and downs, but that’s every family.” 

From 3:30 – 5:30 p.m. every day Monday through Friday, the Wildcats are out on the field practicing dances, cheers, and more. Every day something new is being taught.

Junior Kalyssa Ashford said, “New day, new routine, new cheers. We always work hard and we enjoy what we do.” 

More than pretty faces in uniform, O-High’s cheer team work harder and harder every day pushing their limits and putting everything into their performances. They practice halftime shows, sidelines, jump sequences, and cheers all for Wildcat pride. 

You can catch the O-High cheer team at football games and basketball games giving it their all. Oakland High’s wildcats are a big family with ups and downs but always come together to execute routines.

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