2019-2020 News — 13 September 2019
PHA drops D grades

By Elisha Sparks

Oakland High’s Public Health Academy has started a new policy to eradicate D grades in hopes of making students shoot for a C. The “No D” policy, intended to make students look better on paper for when they go to college, makes a low D an F and a high D a C, said PHA social studies teacher Isabel Toscano. 

The policy is just starting this year, specifically for PHA students. PHA students were first to hear about it but not before school started; they learned on the first day of school. 

According to PHA teachers, PHA is an academically successful pathway and that was one of the reasons why PHA teachers and admin tried the No D policy on this specific academy. Since this policy has just started, other students outside of that academy have not been notified of what their peers’ grading process is like or what theirs may soon be. 

“Certainly we don’t want students with F’s,” said Isabel Toscano. “Sometimes they did just enough to earn a D. Now with our No D policy, it does shift everything… I think eventually it would be more beneficial to the school if everyone adopted this No D policy.”  

Some students wonder what might happen if all of OUSD decides to adopt this policy–or if all school districts in the U.S. decide to do this? The future of students will be on the line between two letters: C and F. Students in PHA will have to learn how to stay on top of assignments assigned if they want their progress report, report card, and transcripts to look up to par. 

“Actually I don’t agree with the No D policy,” said PHA junior Lanisha Stickman. “I think the policy is fair, but hopefully I pass it.” 

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