2019-2020 Slider Student Life — 03 September 2019
Club leaders gain experiences in taking leadership roles

By Jackie Chen and Darien Em

Playing a huge role in running a club, like being a club president, involves unique struggles. During the second week of the school year those in student council positions in each club held meetings about each individual club at English teacher Jennifer Howard’s class, in Room 239. 

These meetings were for the activities fair on September 4, which is where students sign up for the clubs they want to be in. Underneath the layers of stress, club presidents said their passion helps them prevail. 

Howard said starting clubs sometimes struggle to meet the new club requirements: getting an adult sponsor, finding thirty signatures of students to commit to the club, and getting the club application approved at a delegate meeting that happens on the second Tuesday of every month.

”My biggest worry is not getting enough attention to keep the club growing,” said junior Nancy Nguyen, the Anime Club’s president.

The number of clubs at Oakland High have not changed much from last year. According to sophomore Danica Nguyen, leader of the activities fair,” I can’t give you an exact number, but there are around 40 to 45 clubs in total this year.” She mentions that last year had around the same number, but with three new clubs being formed this year.

However, with those 40 to 45 current clubs at Oakland High, people don’t play a key role in their club just to face these struggles. “I wanted to have a better college resume,” said sophomore Minh Phan, secretary of the Anime Club, giving one reason why joining a club as a council member benefits them.

“I wanted to be more involved in the club’s activities,” said Nancy Nguyen, explaining why she chose to become club president. “I wanted to reorganize the club because of how unorganized it was last year.”

Being in these key positions also improves your odds of being picked up by colleges when it’s shown on your application. “Colleges look for well-rounded individuals,” said Ana Laura Castro, one of Oakland High’s Future Center employees. “If students are able to take a leadership position in a club, it stands out.”


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