News — 13 September 2019
Blood Drive Comes to O-High

Oakland High students and staff are preparing to donate their blood to help others in their community on Thursday, September 12, in the O-High theater. 

In order to donate blood, a donor needs to be a certain height and weight because blood volume is proportional to a person’s body weight. According to ASB Health/Safety Commissioner Toni Tran, a senior, donating blood saves one to three lives. So she encourages people to donate their blood to help others. 

“The blood drive gives an opportunity to teach kids about their blood type and how important their blood really is to people,” said Tran. 

According to the Community Blood Center, it’s important to donate blood because blood is needed every two seconds, About one in seven people who go to a hospital needs blood. Blood is always needed for treatment of accident victims, cancer patients, hemophiliacs and surgery patients, and blood is not something that can be produced at a store or factory. 

Students and staff can make an impact or encourage other people to make an impact by choosing to donate their blood for others in their community who may share the same blood type. Some people’s blood may be particularly needed if their blood type is rare, like AB-Negative.   

Even though Tran says that she can’t donate her blood because she is underweight for her height, she believes that she is making an impact by encouraging others to donate to help save lives. 

“I’m making an impact by getting people to sign up for things that they might be scared of and help them get out of their comfort zones,” said Tran. 

Donating blood can be discouraging for students and staff because they might be scared of needles or they might not fit the requirements to donate their blood. But that’s okay because they can still make an impact with the blood drive by volunteering at local blood drives anywhere or even at school.



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