Sports — 30 August 2019
Tennis recruits players at O-High

By: Christina Jim

The Oakland High tennis team started conditioning and tryouts on Tuesday, August 20, at the tennis courts at the Montclair area because the season is starting soon. 

According to team captain Amber Hernandez, a junior who won the OAL singles title last year, she needs more girls to try out and work out with them so they have a full team before the season starts. She loves tennis with a passion and she hopes that other girls will love the sport just like she does. 

“I feel great about the tennis team because we had missed it for a few years until last year when it came back,” said Coach Clare Burger. “I think we will be very good this year.”

Last year, Hernandez decided to start a team with her friends last year because she noticed that there was a team but it had gone away for a couple of years and she knew Coach Burger could coach the team. 

The year’s schedule is still being figured in terms of who they are going to play against, but Burger said they don’t really have a stable place to practice or to even play any home games because there are no places close to Oakland High that are available for them to play on.   

The Oakland High community “should care more about tennis because there are people who enjoy the sport and want to play,” said junior Nina Hong, who is a supporter of the team.  “You can’t cast the team aside just because they are a smaller team and they haven’t been around that long.” 

Tennis player Kathleen Su, also a junior, said the team should have some type of fundraiser event to help them achieve more money so they can buy more new fresh equipment and they can rent a place to practice until they find a more suitable place permanently. For now they will continue to practice at the tennis courts in Montclair, about three miles from Oakland High.  

“The first game of the season is mostly likely going to start during mid toward end of November but still the schedule is still being figured out,” said team captain Hernandez.

With all the other sports that are going on within the school already, players said students need to understand that other sports teams are just as important as any other sport in the school is and that students and staff should go to their games so they know that they have support during their games.


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