News Student Life — 30 August 2019
Freshmen transition into O-High

By Jalyn Jefferson & Brianna Williams

Freshmen have lots of mixed emotions as they join Oakland High in the 2019-2020 school year “High school is overwhelming but not hard so far,” said Desmond West. “The only thing I don’t like is that it’s so crowded.”  

On the other hand, freshman Katrina Pimentel said, “As long as you know where your classes are the school doesn’t seem that big at all.”

Not only are there new freshmen starting their first days all over Oakland but there are new teachers joining Oakland High School as well. Some even starting their first days as teachers ever. 

Teachers at Oakland high have their own feelings about the school based off of their first impressions as the school year kicks off. 

“I’ve been teaching so far for two weeks, and of course the transition could be better but just like the freshmen have to learn about their new school I have to learn about teaching,” said new PLTW/Puma English teacher Amy Benner.

Benner noticed that freshmen are kind of afraid of asking for help because they don’t want to feel like they don’t know what they are talking about if they answer wrong, and that it’s her job to do something about it. She said “It’s important to establish a good environment so they won’t be afraid to ask for help.”

Besides new teachers and new students, the staff who have been here for a while have also noticed things about the incoming freshmen.

“Kids coming from a middle school with 600 kids to a high school with 1600-plus kids have a way harder transition,” said Coach Jayce Goree. ‘’Especially if they came from a charter school versus someone who’s already been through that phase and is now going from 10th to 11th has an easier transition.”

To sum up the beginning of this year and the transitions freshmen have, assistant principal Shoshana Towers said “Freshmen go from being the big fish in eighth grade to being the little fish all over in ninth grade.”


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