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2018-2019 News Student Life — 14 May 2019
Young adults deserve reproductive resources.








By: Destiny Nguyen

On May 7, a new law made many abortions illegal in Georgia; if there is a fetal heartbeat detected while pregnant, a person will not be able to have a abortion. But in a pregnancy, the heartbeat can usually be detected between 5 to 6 weeks, which is often before a person even realizes they’re pregnant.

Abortion is a very sensitive and important topic to many people. It is a termination to pregnancy that is mostly performed during the first 28 weeks. Women in the world, even in our community, have their on thoughts on this topic, either agreeing and disagreeing if abortion should be legal or illegal. Some people that aren’t ready for pregnancy or don’t want people to find out, want to have the option to have an abortion. Not many people like the idea of an abortion, but everyone has their own opinion.

There may be young women out there still in school who want to choose or think abortion is the best option, either because they aren’t ready to be a mother or bring a new life into the world, or don’t want to be in trouble with their own parents or legal guardian. To find resources, people can go to a nearby clinic or even to their school.

At Oakland High’s Wellness Center, Shop 55, they offer many free resources to prevent pregnancy and STD transmission, as well as information about being safe during sexual intercourse and what to do if you think or know you’re pregnant. They also offer counseling, which can help you if you are in a stuck position or don’t know what to do and need help.

In some places, not many young adults or teens have access to these sort of resources on birth control, abortion, or what to do if pregnant. If you’re under 18, some states (not California!) require a parent or legal guardian to be contact in order to have or consult for an abortion, or even have a judge give permission if the parent should be contact or not before the procedure. These laws that limit or forbid abortion are bad for young adults.

Some young adults didn’t have a choice about whether to be pregnant or not, and having limited resources while you’re pregnant at a young age is unsafe for a person. They can be frightened or stuck position if they can’t afford or don’t have access to the resources, and may try to perform an abortion themselves, which can be harmful or even deadly. Women who don’t want to be pregnant should have easy access to abortion clinics. Instead of just researching more ways to prevent pregnancy, we need to make sure people can get help if they are pregnant and don’t want to be.

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