2017-2018 — 22 May 2019
The End is Near

By Cindy Ho

The first journalism class I was ever in was when I was still in middle school. The journalism class I was apart of back then was very… bad. There wasn’t much to do and it felt as if the class was just writing random things that nobody reads.

I remember back in middle school, students who were in the same journalism class as I was, would tell their friends how bad it was was to be in journalism. Sometimes I would reminisce with old classmates who had the same classes as I did and they would always mention our journalism class at some point. They would say how boring that class is and how many times they wished they weren’t a part of it.

When I discovered that I had journalism this year, I was kind of disappointed. I didn’t want a repeat of my old journalism class. Since I was already days into journalism this year, I felt that it was kind of a waste to switch out since my schedule might change too. So, I gave journalism another chance and decided to remain in this class.

In the first couple of days, I kind of expected for all the students to go straight into writing like how it had been in my last journalism class but it was different. I remember spending the first few days learning how to start an article and different types of articles.

I thought that this class was better than my last. This journalism class was informative and I learned how to write a standard news story pretty quickly.

The first article I wrote in this class, with a small group of other students, is about the OAL cuts to school sports to save money. It was a short article but I’m happy that we managed to get good quotes from people.

What I like about this journalism class is that it’s very engaging in its own way. I like that all the students would be given deadlines and the amount of stories they are supposed to write for a marking period. Compared to my last journalism experience, this one was very organized.

I also like that O-High has its own newspapers. In my previous journalism class, we worked on computers only and that there was no newspapers that were passed out every month. It was difficult to tell if anyone was reading the school news at all.

This year’s journalism class for me went really well. Halfway through the year, I began to write more opinion-based articles.

The first opinion article I made is called “Press Access,” where I gave my thoughts on journalists being able to have access to information without any restrictions. Another was about the scooters that can be found littering the streets. In that article, I gave my thoughts on the scooters and they are a great source of transportation. The scooters became popular last summer before this school year started. Now they’re just lying around in the grass and sidewalk but people still use them. The more opinion articles I write, it made me realized that I like writing more about my opinion than anything else.

I think that this journalism class is great. At least, this class in this year, for me is great. This class changed my opinion on journalism a lot. In middle school, I had constantly thought that journalism is complete bs, maybe because the class I was in sucked or maybe the idea of interviewing sucked, but being in this journalism class changed my previous thoughts.

This shows that you should definitely give journalism a try before you judge it. It could be more fun than you think.


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