2018-2019 Slider Sports — 14 May 2019
Swim season comes to an end

By DaYi Huang
Swim season started in February and has now come to an end. This year, there were 22 members on the swim team with assistant coach Ericson Sandio and Clare Burger as the head coach.
According to Burger, there were many freshmen on the team, and most have moved up from junior varsity to varsity. This shows how much they much they have improved since the beginning of the season.
“It’s great to have so many freshmen on the team because they have more time to improve and we look forward to having them for four years,” Burger said.
There have been five Oakland Athletic League swim meets during the season, although the strike during late February messed with the timing of some meets.
A swim meet is a swimming competition between many teams. In the Spring 2019 season, an OAL swim meet consisted of Oakland High, Oakland Tech, Skyline, Castlemont, KIPP King, and American Indian.
This season, all of the swim meets included all six teams in one pool. Burger said she would like it to go back to dual-pool meets, where two teams are competing in one pool, which is how OAL teams competed the year before last year. That way, it’s easier to time and it won’t be so crowded.
“I love how our swim team comes together at all the meets,” said freshman swimmer Nathan Tang. “We’re always encouraging each other and we are each other’s number one fan.”
According to Burger, everyone on the team have been working hard all year. This year, she said Tang and sophomore Uriel Contreras are the all-stars on the team.

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