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Softball, baseball end seasons at semifinals.

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By: Destiny Nguyen

Oakland High’s softball team ended their season with a 0-22 loss to Oakland Tech in a semifinal game at Mosswood Park on May 7.

This spring Oakland High’s softball team first game was against Oakland Tech on March 21. Even though the team didn’t get a victory, this didn’t stop their determination for their upcoming games this spring, and they made it to playoffs.

Early in the school year the team was going strong and working hard to represent our school by practicing right after school, during cold and hot days for upcoming games in the spring. All their hard work got them an 18-3 victory against Madison Park Academy.

“It was a good game, with the expected outcome.” said PLTW sophomore Minh-Yahn Gobar.
With the school year ending, the seniors on the team had their last regular-season game on Thursday, April 25, in a loss to KIPP King at the field in Franklin Elementary. It was a very emotional game, due to it being their last and it being Senior Night, there was a lot of goodbyes and hugs.

“The seniors leaving will leave an impact on the team. We are like a family. They have been super supportive and are the heart of the team,” said PHA sophomore Clarissa Martin, the teams catcher. “The team won’t be the same without them. But we wish them well onto the next chapter in their life.”

“I feel proud to be a part of a team that supports one and another and motivates each other to improve every day, which is why we made it to playoffs,” said VAAMP sophomore Ayanna McCann.

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