2018-2019 Slider Student Life — 14 May 2019
Senior prom satisfies in new location

By Zelaysia Singleton

Oakland High seniors partied the night away at this year’s prom on the night of May 4, at a new location, the Sequoyah Country Club in Oakland with a theme called the “Enchanted Gardens.”

“I’m really excited about prom,” senior Iris Ard said the day before prom. “I’m planning to show up and show out with my boyfriend and leave.” Ard’s friend, another senior, also said she was ready to show off her dress and have fun at prom.

This year’s prom was smaller than the previous year, which was held at the Oakland Rotunda building. Leadership class teacher Jenn Howard was in charge of this year’s prom.
Some Leadership students expressed concerns that this year’s prom might be smaller than last year’s because of seniors choosing to attend other schools proms instead.

Although prom is the time where most are happy and ready to get glammed up , it became a little stressful for one O-High senior.

“I’ve been so stressed out about this senior project, I barely had enough time to get my ticket and my dress,” said the student. “I didn’t get a high score the first time so I had to do it over which really made me almost say forget it, but thankfully I passed and now I’m all focused on prom.”

As some may know, senior projects were due before prom and students needed to pass in order to attend prom.

Overall Prom 2019 was a great night for O-High seniors despite some experiencing personal challenges leading up to the event. Everyone interviewed for this article had an amazing time and were excited to be one step closer to graduating.

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