2018-2019 Student Life — 14 May 2019
New Multicultural Week brings school together!

As the school year is coming to an end, our leadership class and teacher Jenn Howard planned an exciting and fun week to lead into the stressful finals.

Oakland High’s spring spirit week has now been turned into Multicultural Week. It took place from April 29 through May 3. The theme days were International Day, Rep Da Town, Rep the School, California Culture, and last, Rep Your ROOTS!

“Multicultural Week allows us to celebrate diversity at our school,” said Leadership sophomore Ayanna McCann, adding that it allows “all of the different cultures to unite as one.”

Multicultural events are also featured at many other educational institutions to represent students’ different cultures and backgrounds. Although it may not be a whole week celebration, Oakland Tech has a Multicultural Day where they celebrate diversity throughout their school. They have fundraising booths and speaking sessions.

According to Niche.com, a diversity survey ranked Oakland High 19th out of all schools in Alameda County. Many times students don’t get the opportunity to show off their cultural backgrounds. This week allows
students from all different backgrounds to show out in many ways.

“We have way more cultures, clubs, and for the first time we are having a cultural rally,” said leadership student William Murga-Sanchez, referring to the rally that took place on the afternoon of May 3.

The rally celebrated the school’s different cultures. Usually we just have one rally during Homecoming Week in fall, but this year we had two rallies! We also have some new ethnic groups this year to make our school more diverse, such as the Yemeni club, which joins other cultural clubs like Latinos Unidos, the Black Student Union, and the Oceania Club.

“We hope to see pride and people having fun,” McCann said about the week’s plans. “We worked really hard to plan this week for our different cultures.”

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