2017-2018 — 30 April 2019
A vocal end to the school year!

Journalism class of O-High presents podcasts.
By Cindy Ho

The journalism class is filled with writers. We write O-High’s stories and present them on our newspaper and website: Oakland Aegis. For our final stories, we would like to present podcasts along with our regular news.
All of our journalists are working on our first podcasts to end the school year. This school year’s journalism class has never worked on podcasts before but we believe that it’ll turn out great. The podcasts that we have made recently are about student life: how students and teachers should engage in more writing activities, about student music artists, and about immigrant students.
“Podcasts are fun to edit,” said freshman and journalism student, Da Yi Huang, who worked with me to record a podcast about writers at O-High.
In my opinion, as a Journalism student, I quite like the idea of a podcast and believe that the class should make more of it next year. I think that podcasts allow audiences to hear directly from the people creating it, also hearing from the people that were interviewed. It just gives a sense of being real. I think that if someone is talking, someone else is bound to listen in. So if there was a more talking and less typed out words for journalism, news wouldn’t go unnoticed.
“I enjoyed making podcasts, in a way it felt familiar to the performances I do,” said sophomore Journalism student Christine Nguyen. “I also loved the editing process and being creative with everything.”
For the Journalism class of this year, from start to now, all we have been producing is on paper and typed out news. We have never worked on a single podcast until now. In my opinion, podcasts are a tad easy but putting them together is hard work. For example, podcasts can’t just have your voice, it’ll need the voices of the interviewees and music to accompany. It also needs time to put things together.
The podcast that Huang and I made together was indeed difficult. We had to find time to record in areas of silence and edit everything. It was our first time making a podcast but it turned out great. Even though getting started was difficult, we were able to pull through and make our first podcast excellent.
If we make more podcasts, we can show more of teacher and student opinions than compared to small quotes. Podcasts are longer than news and in my opinion, are more interesting so please check ours out on the Podcasts page at oaklandaegis.com!

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