2018-2019 News — 15 February 2019
Trump’s shutdown harms Oakland communities

By Heaven Johnson

A government shutdown occurred in the United States from Dec. 22, 2018 to Jan. 25, 2019. President Donald Trump declared the shutdown because he wanted to strike a funding deal for the wall to get built. However, people in the U.S. have been upset because the shutdown affecting the government workers’ pay and public assistance.

“People who rely on food stamps have to worry that there will be no more money for food,” said Jacob Rukin, a government and economics teacher. “It’s a scary thing to know you won’t have food for next month.”

The government shutdown affected different programs and services because they also rely on the government’s money to fund them.

After the agreement to temporarily shut down the government, the Oakland High community  is still concerned if it will happen again.

A temporary deal reopened the government from Jan. 25 – Feb. 15, and on Feb. 14, the House and Senate agreed on a funding package to keep the government open without putting $5.8 billion toward a border wall. However, Trump responded by declaring a national emergency so that he can spend billions of dollars of emergency funds for the wall.

“I don’t believe in shutdowns because a lot of people have to suffer unnecessarily,” said Rukin. “Leaders can work out differences without things like that happening.”

As of now the community is just hoping that the government decides that this is a bad idea and avoids future shutdowns. There are just too many people affected by this in the Oakland High community.

“The month-long shutdown was very scary for me and my family,” said one Oakland High student. “We had to go days with barely any food because I have a big family.”

There are about 4.1 million people in California that get SNAP food assistance. So that means some of those people are being affected from just one decision.



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