2018-2019 Student Life — 19 February 2019

By DaYi Huang

The Social Justice and Reform academy at O-High recently decided to change their name to Law and Social Justice, also now known as LSJ.

The academy is in its third year and as the teachers shape its curriculum, they noticed that they have been focusing more on law.

“We changed the name to reflect that shift in our curriculum between 10th to 12th grade,” said Grace Bigler, one of LSJ’s English teachers. Bigler said that changing the name of something is very difficult especially when you have been with it for more than a year.

According to Law and Social Justice pathway director Emily Macy, the LSJ academy was granted a CPA (California Public Academy) from the state of California.

The academy hoped to help students learn more about their rights in the community along with how to make changes when students feel like their rights are being violated.

“I feel excited about the name change,” said Macy. “Name changes are always a little bit hard so it’s a transition.”

Students are still getting used to the name change but many will still default to the name SJR after having to stick with it for more than a year.

“I think it’s an improvement because Social Justice is a broad name, but LSJ tells you that it’s focused more on law,” said Makeya Redd, a sophomore in the LSJ academy.


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