2018-2019 Commentary Slider — 15 February 2019
GRAMMYS should be more inclusive

By: Jacqueline Dominguez

The GRAMMY awards aired on Feb. 10 of this year at LA’s Staples Center. The public is devastated about the favoritism the Recording Academy has put towards certain artists and left out others who might’ve deserved it better.

Like the Oscars, the most-seen award show, second comes along the GRAMMYs. There is a group of people who work for the Recording Academy that decide who should be awarded. They look at artists’ record labels available on a streaming music service so they can be welcomed to receive a GRAMMY. If artists don’t have a major distributor they won’t be able to be nominated.

The GRAMMYs didn’t match the population based on who should’ve won. It felt as if they excluded other hard working artists. The location of the GRAMMYs could’ve been difficult to arrive to Los Angeles and artists not having the chance to win could’ve been upsetting.

Although everyone isn’t happy about the choices this year, artists still gave their encouragement to other upcoming artists. Cardi B got respect for her performance and having the record of the year, “I Like It,” featuring J Balvin and Bad Bunny, that fans were proud to see, but I still feel like GRAMMYs should be open to more suggestions people made.

Fans went on social media praising music artists who they felt needed to win album of the year. It caused trouble since there were differences based on their opinion so artists went on Twitter to applaud those who did win a GRAMMY award.

These awards that are worldwide should bring more artists and more options so more artists can win an award rather than a few.

Overall grade: B


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