2018-2019 Commentary Slider — 15 February 2019
“Bird Box” pushes the limits

By: By Jacqueline Dominguez

“Bird Box” is a psychological thriller on Netflix that came out on Dec. 13. It became viral on Instagram and Twitter and became a trend that inspired people to make a “blindfold challenge.”

The actor Sandra Bullock plays Malorie, a mother for two kids, one being her own and one being from a mother who died from the disease that spread around. Malorie sacrifices throughout the movie. She has trouble being social and keeping in touch with family and she isolates herself from the outside world.

This film stands out for the ways it interprets how it’s important to be family oriented. Even though it started with Malorie being pregnant, she wasn’t keeping up with the check-ups unless her sister Jessica (Sarah Paulson) informed her about it.

“Bird Box” explains the significance of the blindfolds that characters wear: they live in a world occupied by deadly creatures; when humans take a peek outside and see them, the sight drives them insane so that they kill themselves. Malorie and her children run away blindfolded because if they saw the creatures, she would risk losing her children so she uses the river to guide them to arrive at a safer place.

Malorie came from more a closed mind, but having help from others who suffered with her taught her to keep her strength. There were realizations that pushed her to get through creatures without peeking. She resisted the call of voices that weren’t really there; instead she became focused on the reality.

The movie inspires us all to be more dedicated to family from the events Malorie faces. It was a lesson to fight for family and it was a movie that actually didn’t end with the bad people getting what they want, instead it ended with the good people surviving.

Overall Grade: A-

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