2017-2018 — 29 January 2019
Opinion: Is the Early Clock Necessary?

By Cindy Ho

Time is different everywhere. In some places, it is night while on the other side of the world, it’s day. Unless you live in the same area as everyone else, time will always be different. But Oakland High’s time has been differenter.

Before winter break, the school clock system of O-High was two minutes earlier than regular clock time. When students returned from break, the clock was four minutes earlier, so that school began at 8:11 am and ended at 3:11 pm. But then, days after, the clocks were adjusted to now match with real time.

“Nothing is different for me,” said Rachel Hoang, a VAAMP sophomore. “I come to school really early so the time changes don’t really affect me.”

Hoang says that she comes to school early and often hangs out with her friends before class.

As for me, when I come to school, most students are already present, just not in their classes. I often see groups of students talking with each other in the hallways while only a small number of them are in classrooms. Only when the bell rings, will I see students go to their assigned classes.

In my opinion, I’m pretty upset about the school clock going back to real time. I enjoyed the few early minutes to leave at the end of each school day since leaving early is always a good thing. Though the clock being early at the beginning of school was a bit troublesome, I didn’t really mind it since I always come a couple minutes earlier than the bell.

So, in conclusion, the school should go back to its early schedule. Many students got through the school’s early time before and are already accustomed to it, meaning that if the school time does change back, the only effect it would have is that the leave time is earlier. Coming to school early doesn’t seem to be a problem for most students so allowing them early leave by changing the time back would make the students pretty happy.

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