2018-2019 Student Life — 19 December 2018
The Aegis Asks about your Day Out

The Aegis Asks: How did the “Educators’ Day Out” affect you?

On Monday, Dec. 10, most of the teachers at Oakland High took a day off school to protest their lack of a contract. Some students came to school, where they said they watched movies in the theater or played games. Other students joined their teachers in the protest. Others stayed home. We asked some members of the school community how the “Educators’ Day Out” affected them.


“There was not really anything to do at school. My friends and I spent the rest of the school day in the library.” –Sarah Ha, a VAAMP sophomore Cindy Ho/The Aegis


“I’m glad our teachers and students took the time to organize this and to stand up for what they believe in.” –Vivian Phung, a freshman in the Tiger family DaYi Huang/The Aegis


“It’s important. I came to school because of my attendance and my teachers leaving is affecting my learning time for finals.” –Imani Westley, freshman Dillan Jackson/The Aegis


“I felt very unified with my fellow teachers. My concern (was) that we would be pathetic, but that was entirely unfounded. With Fremont and Madison Park supporting us, we were the opposite of pathetic.” –Jessica Forbes, English teacher Image from ousd.org/oaklandhigh

























“When we got to City Hall we met up with other schools that went on strike as well, such as Madison Park and Fremont High.” –Danica Nguyen

“I’m also hopeful for the next steps so that teachers will be supported. I’m really frustrated with the district for not doing anything and taking action.” –Sarah Pallito, science teacher

Aegis reporters Asalah Hassan, DaYi Huang, Cindy Ho, Dillan Jackson, Selim Jones, and Nala Lazimba contributed to this story.

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