2018-2019 Commentary — 07 December 2018
Opinion: Journalists need access to information

By Cindy Ho

Journalism is an important way of reporting news. Journalists travel far and wide to receive their information for their articles. They write news about politics and world issues, among other topics. They write about different news which can be reviews, opinions, or just standard news.

Journalists at Oakland High are responsible for the news that we write for our newspaper and website: The Oakland Aegis, California’s Oldest High School Newspaper.

We, Oakland High journalists, report on our current school news on our website and print our own newspapers throughout the school year. We interview our students and staff for our current news and turn them into stories.

However, there are times where journalists can’t receive the information or have access to their necessary materials. Since journalists in Oakland High are students, we have limited time to find and receive our info. We interview our school’s staff and students for our information and sometimes send out emails to other school related people that we could interview like John Sasaki, our school district’s director of communications. However, sometimes we and also other journalists can’t come into contact with the person we want to interview and we have deadlines as well.

In my opinion, journalists should have the opportunity to report and interview students and staff. We should be allowed access to the information and time that allows us to create good content for our articles.

Journalism is dependent on interviews and other reliable sources. These sources create the articles people read. To keep it short, journalists should be allowed access to information and other things to make their articles credible, or “real news.”

In November of this year, the White House temporarily took away the press pass of CNN reporter Jim Acosta, meaning that he was not allowed to be in the White House, in what was widely viewed as a punishment to discourage bad press of the president. That is important because this shows us that journalists are limited to our sources. It shows that there are things that prevent us from getting our information.

This is why I think that journalists, in and out of Oakland High, should be allowed access to basically everything that would allow them to complete their articles. Journalists should write real news, not guesses, and for that to happen, they must be allowed access to all the information they need. For that to happen, we need to allow rights for journalists to receive their information and not prevent them from doing their jobs.


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