2017-2018 Commentary — 11 December 2018
Scoot safely!

With great transportation comes great responsibility

By Cindy Ho

The green and black scooters have made themselves popular throughout Oakland High. They’re known as e-scooters and are operated by the companies Lime and Bird. The scooters give the riders a “safe, effortless experience,” according to Lime. The cost to unlock a scooter is $1 and fifteen cents every minute to ride which can be operated through an app.

These scooters allow students and other citizens to travel around. Many can be seen riding these scooters, especially around school.

However, the scooters can be very dangerous. Many accidents can result in injuring arms and other limbs if the riders crash. Riders tend to avoid rules by not wearing helmets and by performing stunts. Many of the users are students who might break many of the Lime rules for the scooters. The required age for riding the scooters is 18 and older, but many younger Oakland High students ride them regardless. Other users leave their scooters on the park grass or sidewalks and never pick them up.

I, for one, think that these scooters are great. These scooters have allowed many to reach their destinations and have provided a new way of transportation. The scooters themselves made a big entrance in Oakland in the summer of 2018 and have proved both useful and fun for us students.

However, I do think that there should be stricter rules for the usage of the scooter. I think that no matter how fun and useful the product is, safety comes first. In order for that to happen, there need to be some rules made in order to prevent accidents. There are already rules for the scooters, but many users, who are usually students, don’t tend to follow those rules. Therefore, there should be stricter rules and laws enforced for the usage of the scooters. Rules that would prevent accidents, keeping citizens safe, and still allow users to have a fun time.

Meanwhile, Wildcats, keep on scooting along!

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