2018-2019 Student Life — 07 December 2018
Paramount no more; graduation on field this year

 Oakland High’s class of 2019’s graduation will be held at the field instead of the Paramount Theatre

By Christine Nguyen

During the Delegate Assembly meeting on November 13, principal Matin Abdel-qawi announced that there has been a change of place for the seniors’ graduation this year.

The reason for hosting it at the field this year is not because of finances, but rather because of the schedule change, says Abdel. Since school started earlier this year, graduation will be in the month of May, but the theatre isn’t available as they’ve saved the venue for Oakland High during June.

There were a lot of grumbles and talk among the delegates when Abdel notified everyone at the meeting about the new venue. “We’ll be hiring people to clean the field and have professional sound and lights,” Abdel reassured.

When asked if the seniors will have any say in the decision, Abdel responded that the decision was final. He did later say that there would be a student committee to help plan the graduation.

However, there are still seniors that are still not satisfied, such as Anthony Huynh, who will be graduating from ESA, who was disappointed by Abdel’s announcement.

“He made executive decisions that affects the seniors, and we didn’t have any choice to it,” Huynh said.


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