2018-2019 Student Life — 11 December 2018

By DaYi Huang

During February, students from Oakland High will get to compete in the American Mathematics Competition (AMC), which first started in 1950. Students from all over the country can complete in it.

It is open for all grades. There is AMC 10 and AMC 12. The AMC 10 is for any student under 10th grade. AMC 12 is for students grade 12 or below.

According to Melody Jaros, a math teacher at O-High, participants have 40 minutes to answer 7 questions. There’s practice every Tuesday and Thursday at lunch and after school in Room 240 for anyone that is interested.

“Each question is harder than the next,” said Jaros.

O-High is not the only school participating in the AMC. According to the official AMC website, the competition has grown to over 300,000 students participating annually, in over 6,000 schools.

“The practice problems were challenging but I hope to make it to the next level,” said Chris Chen, a freshman who has been to the practice session.

Students who are interested in participating can talk either to Jaros (Room 215) or Phil Grebe (Room 240).


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