2018-2019 Sports — 11 December 2018
New Lacrosse Club starting at Oakland High

By Tierra Johnson

oakland lacrosse

Allison Ambrozy, also referred to as Coach Brozy, is bringing a new lacrosse club to Oakland High, Mondays after school from 3:30 to 5:30, in hopes of “gaining more new and old members.”

Ambrozy has been teaching lacrosse to middle and high schoolers in Oakland for six years, and decided that she could grow a bigger base because of the great athletes at Oakland High. She said that O-High has enough field space for the sport, which involves players using sticks to get the ball in the net, and already has alumni and supporting staff which gives more potential.

“Although most of the sports at the school are already taken,” said Ambrozy, “I would love it if all of the returners came back to play, and if we can get some new, loyal players for the team.”

Other schools like Oakland High, Oakland Tech, and Skyline, also run their own lacrosse clubs and teams outside of the Bay Area, such as Edythe J. Hayes Middle School in Kentucky and Stevens Point Area Senior High in Wisconsin.

Regarding lacrosse, there can be some beneficial opportunities that would help students decide whether this sport it right for them or not. These benefits include; friendships, being challenged, offering college and career camps, open leadership school council, academic support, learning how to persevere and having strong characteristic skills.

“Lacrosse is a sport that deals with aerobic and health, cardiovascular health, and just your wellbeing in general.” said Ambrozy.

Ambrozy said the main thing that students should know and consider is that there is a rich history of lacrosse, and dates back centuries, while being centrally located throughout Oakland.

“I hope to get enough players to eventually become a varsity team,” said Ambrozy, “Because lacrosse is a really fun sport that builds relationships and support systems.”


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