2018-2019 Slider Student Life — 11 December 2018
LINK Crew Starting back up again

By: By: Tierra Johnson

Julia DeGuzman, an operations assistant in the Wellness Center, runs a club called Link Crew which meets every Friday from 3:30 to 5:30 and helps engage students to participate in school activities around the campus while promoting school spirit and pride.

There are two parts to the Link Crew program. One part of Link Crew is a paid internship in which a limited number amount of students get paid to help out with different events around the school, while the other members who are on the waiting list are able to help students whenever they have time.

“Link Crew was originally a mentoring program for incoming freshmen,” said DeGuzman, “but now it’s evolved into a service group to help with school events.”

Other high schools with similar clubs include University City High School, Clayton Valley Charter High School, Pioneer Valley High School, and many more. Not only do they have the club, but their purposes and goals fit into the same category as Oakland High’s.

A former member of Link Crew, Jacob Li, a senior in VAAMP, says that Link Crew has made a big impact on the school community. “It’s what makes the school unique,” he said. Not only do they cooperate with people, Li said, they also guide visitor tours and guide potential newcomers.

DeGuzman says that as the new advisor for Link Crew, which used to be run by former Leadership teacher Amy Dellefield, her goal is to bring back the mentoring program, and to continuing helping and assisting freshmen as they go through their first year of high school by getting advice and counseling from one of the seniors in link crew.

DeGuzman said, “I would love for this program to be student-led instead of the admin.”

While it seems like Link Crew currently has a ton of responsibilities, their goals would not only benefit their program, but potentially future freshmen including the entire school itself, and Link Crew members would gain new skills such as leadership, motivation, and responsibility.

“If it wasn’t for Link Crew, registration wouldn’t have gone as smoothly,” concluded DeGuzman. “We make things happen.”

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