2018-2019 Slider Student Life — 07 December 2018
It’s beginning to look a lot like finals

Winter exam week moves from January to December

By Jacqueline Dominguez and Nevaeh Enoch

Since classes started earlier in August and are ending in May, the new calendar has moved finals before Winter Break rather than in January, when they used to happen.

“I think this is a good change because students won’t stress about finals over break,” said Tai Tokeshi, a counselor. “If a student is doing what they’re supposed to do individually in class, finals shouldn’t make or break your grade.”

Finals are always often stressful and challenging. The ways students try to deal with that stress end up adding additional stress on our mind and body. For students, reviewing multiple subjects at a time can increase stress levels seeing as all the information we learned is being crammed into the span of one week.

Before the change of finals, students would come back from winter break stressed and forgetful of everything, said Tokeshi. This would ultimately result in low test scores. According to administrators, moving finals to December will help test scores, and also students won’t feel overwhelmed.

“It’s not like the semester is shorter now,” said SJR and Panther English teacher Grace Bigler. “The push is the same.”

Bigler added, “It’s not bothering me, I think, personally because it means we finish and come back and start fresh.”

Some Oakland High students extend their winter vacations, which now may affect students’ finals if their extra vacation time falls during finals week. These students may have to miss their finals, but many students say it’s great for students to end off the marking period with finals rather than having to come back trying to remember lessons they were taught weeks or months earlier.

“I feel good about not having to stress over break about finals and having to study last minute to prepare, so it brought a positive change,” said Silvia Jeronimo, an SJR junior.

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