2018-2019 Slider Student Life — 07 December 2018
Hot drinks and fresh skills

Special Ed department brings back popular coffee cart

By: Heaven Johnson

For the second year, the Special Education program is running a coffee cart that travels through the school every Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday morning. Students run the coffee cart to learn better communicating and people skills and to get job experience by taking drink orders and making coffee for customers.

Some of the Special Ed teachers and staff that help run the coffee cart are Jeeva John, Carmen Mandic, Koli Kohler, and Paul Sherreard. According to John, the cart offers high-quality coffee at a good price.

“It’s fun,” said junior Aileen Soria, who works for the coffee cart. ”My favorite part is meeting people and helping.”

Many other  schools across the U.S. also give special education students opportunities to gain job skills, such as Wilson High located in South Carolina, which has a coffee shop run by students in the autism program. Students there prepare coffee using a coffee machine and sell it to peers, school staff, and faculty.

The Oakland High coffee cart is popular with teachers, school faculty, and even the coffee cart workers.

“Everyone is very friendly to me,” said Soria.

Customers seem to like the coffee cart as well.

“It’s a good service,” said freshman English teacher Miles Murray. “I also think it’s very delicious and there’s great people running it.”


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