2018-2019 Commentary — 07 December 2018
Ask Athena

I am scared of going to college on my own. What are some ways that can help me feel better about such a life-changing decision?

  • Soldier

Dear soldier,

Going to college can be scary and to help you feel better, you should talk to someone who went to college. You can also talk to your teachers. They will probably have some insights for you. Visiting a college campus can also help you get a feel of how things will work in college.


Hi Athena, I’m someone who really cares about the school, and want to be active. But ASB and student government is dominated by Asians who all know each other and only want to vote for and promote each other. I want to run for student government, but I’m not Asian, so I don’t feel like I’d have a chance. What should I do?

- Sad Shaniquah

Dear Sad Shaniquah,

I say just go for it, run for student government. There will always be someone who will support you. You can always talk to people in student government and ASB and tell them how you feel about it being dominated by Asians. Or it’s time for you to inspire others to run for student government and ASB so it’s more diverse.


In my religion people don’t give each other Christmas presents. But my friends gave me presents last Christmas and I feel bad that I didn’t give them something back. What should I do this year?

  • Jingles

Dear Jingles,

Christmas isn’t all about giving and getting gifts, it’s about celebrating the spirit of Christmas with your family and friends. Ever heard of the phase “it’s the thought that counts”? You don’t have to give your friend a gift for Christmas this year. You can just tell them about how people in your religion don’t give gifts. Your friend should understand.

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