2017-2018 News Slider — 02 November 2018
Mayoral candidates speak at OHS

By Nevaeh Enoch and Jacqueline Dominguez

Oakland mayoral candidates made a trip to Oakland High on Oct. 23 to speak to the Social Justice and Reform (SJR) students about their reasons for wanting to become mayor, especially discussing their willingness to make drastic changes for our community.

The mayoral race will be decided on Nov. 6 when voters will choose who will be serving as the mayor of the city of Oakland.

“We need the police focused more on the community,” said Marchon Tatman, a nonpartisan candidate. “To stop brutality is to have police come from the community”.

In recent years, Oakland and other communities across the U.S have protested police brutality attacking people of color, that has been all over the news lately.

“To bring safety in our community start we need to have police trained,” said Silvia Jeronimo, an SJR junior. “That will limit physical harm so it’s also a change Marchon wants to regulate based on Marchon’s speech.”

According to East Bay Express, “Oakland’s homeless population is estimated at 2,761. Over 300 of the homeless people counted last year during a county census were children, and 68 percent of the city’s homeless are Black. Most of the homeless have chronic health problems. Some are employed but can no longer afford the cost of housing in the Bay Area.”

 “Also homelessness in Oakland has increased by 25 percent in just three years,” said Price. “More than 70 percent of the un-housed people are Black and Latino, 30 percent are young people, and 86 percent are from within Oakland,”

According to the organization, Everyone Home, “Each year providers exit at least 1,500 to permanent housing, while over 2,500 people become homeless.” More people in Alameda County are becoming homeless instead of coming out of homelessness 

“If I was 18, I would vote because it’s important,” said Jeronimo. “It contains more about our community and it’s useful to change our future to the better. Homelessness is a growing problem in Oakland and we need to help.”

Click here to see photos of the candidates meeting with SJR students.



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