2017-2018 — 02 November 2018
Dancing the night away at Homecoming

By Christine Nguyen

On Thursday, Oct. 18, Oakland High hosted a homecoming dance in their gym, which hasn’t happened for more than a decade, according to a school administrator.

There were plenty of students, and chaperones, at the dance which surprised Biology teacher Natalie Maria.

“I thought the dance was super fun,” said Maria. “Everyone was actually dancing, and the turnout was great!”

Oakland High has hosted the Winter Ball many times instead, during the month of February, which some students said kind of made up for the loss of the homecoming dances.

Alicia Cordova, a junior in PLTW, enjoyed the dance but felt like scheduling could’ve been a little better since the dance overlapped with the Homecoming varsity football game.

“The first half felt boring or dry because people were at the game,” Cordova said. “The Google form for music suggestions was a good idea though.”

Maria hopes that there are more homecoming dances in the future that she could also chaperone at.

“I’m happy to see the first dance in a while went well,” Maria said. “It was a lovely, heartwarming moment where students had fun.”


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