2018-2019 Student Life — 17 October 2018
What’s cooking at Culinary Club

By Jacqueline Bibiano

Culinary Club is a club where students can learn how cook and can build friendships together. Members learn the basics of cooking and how to make cultural foods. They meet on Mondays after school in Patterson 201.

This club has been happening for a while but some feared it would be dismantled in 2017 when the previous president graduated. Other students decided to continue it.

¨The club is very exciting,” said Culinary Club adviser Dr. David Mangiante. “This club has a growing bond and the bond is based on friendship and food

Many students around the world struggle with entering a new community. Joining a club can help them build friendships, gain self-confidence, and create new skills that they can use outside of school.

Sophomore Angeline Soriano said “Our bond grew closer and closer by having fun with each other.”

Sophomore Jhana San Danielle said that “the club is amazing” and that “it was awkward at first but we started growing closer throughout the year.”

The club members make things that don’t always turn out how they want them to turn out, but they say that’s okay. That’s how their bond grows and that’s how they grow as cooks!



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