2017-2018 — 12 October 2018
O-High already getting ready for Softball

By: Destiny Nguyen

Softball conditioning at Oakland High started on Oct. 1, after school on Tuesday and Thursdays from 3:30 till 5. It is open to all students with or with no experience.

Conditioning tryouts are in January, and the games take place in spring. What’s needed for conditioning is workout clothes, good running shoes, and softball equipment. If students need to, they can use the softball gloves the school has already.

“I look forward to this year,” said softball coach Carlos Shelby. ¨I’m excited because there are a lot of freshmen who are advanced or played in the past. Also returning players that didn’t know the meaning of it last year have a better mindset now.”

The softball team has had 75% wins in the past, according to Shelby. They won their first title in 2012.

The team competed in four games in the spring of 2018, according to MaxPreps, a website that covers American high school sports.

¨We’ve always been competitive and looking into this year there are more freshmen that could help bring up the winning title,” said Shelby, who coaches along with assistant Rodney Stovall.

The Wildcats haven’t won a title for 6 years, but with all the new freshmen and students being aware about the team, players hope this will be the year they win and get our title.



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