2018-2019 Slider Student Life — 12 October 2018
Immigrant students RISE in new pathway


By Cindy Ho and Jacqueline Dominguez


Oakland High starts this year for newcomers with a new pathway: RISE! Short for Recent Immigrant Support and Engagement, RISE is a pathway for the immigrant students also known as Newcomers.The RISE pathway is located in the main building of Oakland High. Classes are mainly by the art hallways upstairs.

The RISE pathway helps immigrant students succeed in school by overcoming barriers like language, said assistant principal Ana Vasquez. Recent immigrant students are joining the year as Newcomers in the RISE pathway to help them succeed.

“Last year without the academy I didn’t expect the RISE transition but this year having it made a big difference since the teachers are helpful,” said Dionel Navarrete, a junior in RISE.

There are other pathways and families at Oakland High as well. In addition to RISE, there are five freshman families and five other pathways for students 10-12. RISE is the only pathway to include freshmen.

“This year there’s more students compared to last year,’’ Navarrete mentioned.

Some students who are aware of the RISE pathway hope that the pathway can help the immigrant students succeed at Oakland High.

“I think that it’s cool for the immigrant students,” said Isaac Mohammed, a VAAMP sophomore.

According to students, RISE has more support from teachers which made a big difference this year.

“The differences are good with all the adaption in the school,“ said Dionel Navarrete. “A year in the academy helped me adapt me very well.“


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