2018-2019 Student Life — 12 October 2018
Homecoming Royalty Announced

By DaYi Huang

Homecoming is an event most teenagers are thrilled about. Starting on Oct. 1, students at each grade level signed up to run for Homecoming royalty.

Two students from each grade level were chosen to become Homecoming royalty. This year’s royalty are freshmen Jose Vegas and Anna Nguyen, sophomores Amy Zhang and Kyle Saetern, juniors Helen Luu and Jonathan Pham, and seniors Justin Ram and Ellison Chu.

Homecoming royalty has been a tradition at Oakland High since after the first graduating class, according to Jennifer Howard, Leadership and English teacher.

“Winning Homecoming royalty would make me proud,” said Adrian Nguyen, a junior who’s running for Homecoming.

Homecoming happens in almost every school. It is shown in movies. Winning Homecoming royalty is something many teens want. It’s an honor and a chance for people to know you.

There are a total of 21 students running for Homecoming Royalty. Eight for freshman, four for sophomores, five for juniors, and four for seniors. Students can vote for whoever they want as long as that person is in their grade level.

“Students will campaign this week and next week,” said Howard, in the week of Oct. 4. Every student will have the chance to vote on Oct 9, during their fourth period.

Tickets for Homecoming were sold starting the same week. The Homecoming dance is on Oct. 18.

“The idea of Homecoming is to bring in alums to come and celebrate Oakland High spirit,” said Howard.


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